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125 Best AI Content Creation Software For Your Use

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 05:59 pm

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I have 125 problems, but AI content creation software isn’t one of them.

I have scoured the net and have come up with 125 tasty, juicy AI writing assistants to help you with your content creation, marketing, ad, social media, etc. 

This is a work in progress; I intend to do a deep dive each and every one of these–

–and give you an unbiased review of each. Quite the undertaking, no?

Let’s rock.

125 Content Creation Tools for 2023

What is it?Best ForFree?PricingNOTES
7tapsAI Microlearning SoftwareTeachers, EducatorsFree 14-day trial with a free packageIn addition to the Free package, there is a Pro Package at $99/month and an Enterprise package.You can read my 7taps review here.
AdzisAI writing tool for e-commerce.EcommerceFree plan if you choose the do it yourself option. No freebies for the Done For You package.Do It Yourself: from Free to $99/month. Done For You: Anywhere from $60/per 100 products to $3-$8 per product or a package of $99/month.
AI SEOAI Content Generation Software, SEOCopywriters, bloggersNo free trial or free plans.From $24-$74/month paid annually or $19-$79/month if paid monthly
AI WriterAI content generation platformBloggers, content marketersFree trial$29/month-$375/month
AI21AI system development with NLPDevelopersFree trial$29/month minimum for Starter Plan, will need to contact sales for Enterprise package
AnywordAI Writing Assistant with ad optimization and social media postingBloggers, copywriters, marketers, advertisers, social mediaFree social post generator$29-$99/month paid monthly, $24-$83/month if paid annually.
Article ForgeAI Content Writing ToolBloggers, copywriters, marketers5-day free trialFrom $13-$27/month, there is a Business plan, but you will need to contact the sales department.
Benchmark EmailAI email softwareEmail Marketing and outreachFree trial and free package.Free to $15/month. There is an Enterprise package that you will need to contact for further details. In addition, there is a pay as you go option.
Bertha.aiAI writing tool, GPT-3 Chat alternativeContent writing, images, Product descriptionsFree trialFrom $20-$150/month (Cannot pay for the Starter package annually.) Also, has Pay as You Go – $15 for 10,000 words and $15 for 100 images
CampaignwareAI content strategy platformMarketers, those who are building contact lists.Free trialYou will need to contact them for pricing and a demo.
Chat GPTThe original.Blogging, content creation, programming, marketing, data science, data analysisYesFree with a $20/month upgrade
Chibi AIAI authoring toolBlogging, writing, marketing5000 credits to start, no free plans$20-$42/month or $420 annually
ClarityScribeAI Content generatorBlogging, writing, marketingFree trialUnknown
ClosersCopyAI Copywriting SoftwareBlogging, content creation, marketing, SEONo free trial or plan.$49.99-$99.99/month
Co:hereData compilerProgramming, data analysis, data science, engineeringFree trial.$1-$10 per 1000 units
CollatoCollaboration tool.Project management, business analysis, data analysisFor now.
Compose AIAI-powered writing assistantEmails, blogging, writing, content creationYup!
ContendaContent repurposing softwareContent creators of all kinds, influencers, bloggersUnknownUnknownYou need to sign up and they will let you know when you can access it.
Content ScaleSEO-optimized AI content writing toolWriting, bloggingNo free trial or plan$250-$1000+/month
Content VillanAI-powered content creation toolBlogging, writing, content marketingNo free trial or plan. ($5 for 5 days trial.)$49-$79/month
ContentbotAI-powered content writing softwareContent marketers, bloggers, advertisersNo free trial or plan.$19-$99/month, there is also a prepaid plan of $1/1000 words
Copy AIAI copywriting toolContent writing and marketing, blogging, advertisingFree trial and plan.$36-$49/month for Pro plan, will need to contact them on the Enterprise
CopygeniusAI Ecommerce copywriter toolBlogging, ecommerce, content marketing500-word trial$19-$79/month
CopyhatQuery and content creation toolMarketers, copywriters, emailsYes
CopykatAIAI-powered writing toolAdvertising, ecommerce, blogging, content marketingFree trial$19.99/month
Copyleaks AI Content DetectorAI content detectorChecking for AI in contentYup!
Copymatic AIAI writing generator softwareBlogging, ecommerce, website copy, social ads.Free trial$19-$99/month
CopyMonkeyAmazon listing optimization toolEcommerceFree trial, no free package.$24-$9/month. There is also custom pricing for enterprise packages.
CopysmithAI article generatorBlogging, content marketing, ecommerceFree trial, no free package.$19-$49/month, also has an enterprise package.
CrawlQAI Copywriting SoftwareBlogging, content writing, copywriting7 day free trial$39-$499/month
DeepLAi editing softwareEditingYes
EasyTranslateAI translation softwareAnything that needs translating.There is a freemium package.Flexible
EssaybotAI essay writing toolStudentsUnknownUnknown
FeedhiveAI social media publisherInfluencers, content creatorsFree trial$15-$299/month
FlowwriteAI productivity toolblogging, content marketing, influencers, salesFree trial12-15 Euros per month
FraseAI copywriting softwareBloggers, ecommerce, social media, influencersNo. $1 5-day trial$14.99-$149.99/monthPsst! Here you can read my Frase review!
Friday AIAI content writing toolBloggers, advertisersFree trial.$189-$399/year, or $19-$59/monthly
GeneiAI summarization and research toolStudents, researchers14-day free trial3.99-15.99 GBP/month
Goose AIOpen AI alternativeData scientists, programmersNo free trial or packageAnywhere from $0.000035 to $0.002650
per request.
GrammarlyAI proofreaderAny and all kinds of content.Yup! Free version available.In addition to the free version, there are plans from $12-$15/month
GrowthbarSEO writing toolMarketers, bloggers, content creatorsFree trial$29-$199/month
Headline StudioAI headline generatorContent writers, bloggersFree trialYou will need an account to access the billing plans
HiveAI project management softwareProject management, analysis,Free plan$12 per user per month. There is also an Enterprise package.
Hoppy CopyEmail writing softwareNewsletters, email lists7-day free trial$23-$99/month
HyperwriteAI content writerCopywriters, bloggers, students, content marketersFree trial and planFree to $44.99/month
Hypotenuse AIAI Content Writing softwareBloggers, marketers, influencers, social media personalities, copywritersFree trial.$24-$59/month
IdeasAIAI startup idea generatorStartups, entrepreneursYes
InferKitAI story generatorWriters, novelists, app developersFree trial.$20-$60/month
INKAI content marketing toolWriters, bloggers, content marketers, copywritersFree trial.$39-$119/month
InstawriteAI copywriting softwareBloggers, content marketers, ads, ecommerce, emailsFree trial of 3000 Premium words$19-$129/month
InstaWriterAI copywriting softwareBloggers, content marketers, ads, ecommerce, emailsFree trial of 3000 Premium words$19-$129/month
JasperArguably the most popular AI content generator software out there.Blogging, ecommerce, emails, YouTube, graphic designFree trial.$39-$99/month
Jenni.aiAI content generatorBloggers, content creators.Free trial.Starts at $8/month for 3000 words
KafkaiAI Writer AssistantBlogging, content marketing.3-day free trial$29-$199/month
KoalaAI writer toolBlogging, content marketing.No free trial or package$9-$350/month
LaikaAI novel writing softwareCreative writers, novel writers.In Beta
LavenderAI email assistantSales, marketing, business pitchesFree Basic Package$29-$49/month
Lead IQAI Prospecting SoftwareSaaS, sales, marketersFree Plan$75$140/month, has Enterprise plan
Letterdropb2b content marketingB2B content marketers, B2BNo free trial or packageStarts at $495/month
LightkeyAI article writing softwareContent writingFree package$39.95-$59.95 yearly package or a $169.95-$229.95 lifetime package.
Linguix BusinessAI Writing assistantAll types of writingFree package.$10-30/month, not including business package. Also has one lifetime payment.
LocalioBusiness writing serviceLocal SEONo free trial or plan$37 one time fee
Longshot AIAI content generatorBlogging, ecommerce, emails, YouTubeNo free trial, $1 for 5 days.$19-$399/month
Lyne AIAI email assistantSales, entrepreneurs, marketing, business pitchesFree plan.$120-$729/month. Also has pay as you go.
Maker AIAI-powered text editor and image creatorBloggers, content marketers, designers5 day free trial$9/month
Mark CopyAll-in-one content creatorBlogging, ecommerce, emails, YouTubeFree trial.$49-$239/month
MarketMuseAI marketing optimization software and content writerContent marketing, bloggingFree package.$149-$399/month, also has customized pricing.
MarmofAI-powered writer for marketingEcommerceFree package$47/month
MoonbeamAI long-form writing assistantBlogging, content marketing, essay writingFree package and trial.$15-$50/month
NarratoAI Content Creation and Collaboration PlatformContent creators, content marketers, bloggersFree plan and trial.$9-$25/month. Also has customized pricing.
NeuralTextAI Content Marketing PlatformBloggers, content marketers$1 5-day trial$19-$119/month
NeuroflashChat GPT-3 AlternativeSocial media, Ecommerce, blogging, Agencies, novelistsFree package29-199 Euros per month
NexmindAI SEO PlatformBloggers, content marketers4 day free trial$59-$119/month
NichesssAi content and image softwareEcommerce, blogging, artFree trial$59 lifetime one-time fee
NovelAIAI Storytelling softwareWriters, novelistsFree trial.$10-$25/month
Nyle.aiAI powered copywriting toolEcommerce, blogging, content marketing, sales14 day free trial$39-$99/month or $360-$990/year
OutrankingSEO-optimized AI content writing toolContent writing, content marketing, blogging, ecommerce$7 for the first month, no free trial or package.$49-$219/month, or pay $490-$2190/year
OutwriteSpelling and grammar checkerProfessional writers, students, teams, content writersFree packagePaid monthly, $14.95-$24.95/month, paid yearly, $7.95-$9.95/month
Paragraph AIAI Writing assistantContent writers, blogging, emailsFree plan.$9.99-$12.99/month paid yearly, $19.99-$24.99/month paid monthly
Peppertype/PeppercontentAI content platformBlogging, content writing7 day free trial$399/month, also has Enterprise packaging
PhraseeAutomated Writing ToolMarketingNo free trial or plan.You will need to contact them for a custom quote.
ProWriting AidGrammar and style checkerWriters, bloggers, content managersFree plan$30/month paid monthly, $10/month paid yearly
QuillbotAI paraphrasing toolWriters, bloggersFree package$19.99/month or $79.95 semi-annually or $99.95/year
Regie AIAI email assistantMarketingFree plan.$29-$89/month
RequstoryAI user story writing softwareBusiness analysts, project managersFree plan$12-$39/year
Research AIAI course creation softwareTeachers, facilitatorsTeachers, facilitatorsUnknown
RightBloggerai blogging softwareBloggers, content writersNo free trial or plan.$29.99/month
Riku AIAI content generatorContent creators, sales, marketing5-day free trial$29-$49/month monthly, $25-$40/month paid annually
RytrAI writing generator softwareblogging, marketing, ecommerce, novelistsFree plan$9-$29/month
SaplingAI Chatbot assistantteams that rely on chatbotsFree package.$25/month Pro package, has Enterprise package as well.
ScalenutAI powered content writing softwareContent marketing, blogging, writing7 day free trial$23-$89/month paid annually, $39-$149/month paid monthly
Sensit AIAI copywriting toolBlogging, content marketing, Ecommerce, social media5-day/3 article trialStarts at $49.80 or $59.70/month for 30 articles, price varies on output
ShopiaAI writing assistantblogging, social media, ecommerceFree trialStarts at $6/month for 20,000 words
SimplifiedAI Copywriting GeneratorWriters, graphic artists, designers, blogging, social mediaFree package.Starts at $24/month
Smart Copy/Unbounce (Formerly Snazzy AI)AI writer toolBlogging, content writing, ad writingFree package.$9-$49/month
Smodin AI WriterAI powered content writing softwareContent marketers, students, bloggers, advertisersFree plan$10-$29/month
StorylabAutomated Creative Writing ToolMarketers, blogging, social media campaignsFree plan$5-$19/month, $48-$183 yearly
SubtxtAI storytelling platformStorywritingUnknownUnknown
SudoWriteAI Content Writing ToolsBloggers, content marketers, social mediaFree trial$19-$129/month
SupercreatorAI Video generatorInfluencers, content marketers, businesses, video content creatorsUnknownUnknownFor mobile phones only
SurferSEOAI Content editor and optimizerBlogging, content marketing, ads7 day trial$59-$239/month. Also comes with custom pricing.
SwiftbriefAI content brief softwareBloggers, content marketers, copywriters7 day free trial$19-$99/month
Text BlazeAI template and snippet writerBusinesses, office work, working with teamsYup!FREE!Chrome extension
Text CortexAI Copywriting toolBloggers, students, content marketers, copywriting, influencersFree package$19.99-$49.99/monthCan add to your browser in the form of Zeno Assistant.
TextExpanderAI template and snippet writerBusinesses, office work, working with teams30 day free trial$3.33-$10.83 per person per month. There is also an Enterprise package.
TextmetricsAI writing assistantBloggers, content writers
The Good AIAI essay writercontent writers, studentsFree trialUnknown
TrinkaGrammar and languate checkerAnything involving writingFree basic package$6.67/month if paid yearly, $20/month if paid monthly
TypeEngineAI Content GeneratorAdvertisers, bloggers, product ads, emailsFree trial7.20 GBP – 18 GBP per monthCan be paid monthly or yearly
TypliAI content toolAdvertisers, bloggers, product ads, emails7 day free trial$29/month or $290/year
WebSpellCheckerAI powered grammar and spell checkerAnything involving writing14 day free trial for cloud, 30 day free trial for on premiseUnknown
WordHeroArtificial Intelligence WriterMarketers, business owners, writersNo free trial or plan.$49/month, $348/year
WordPlayAI article writerCopywriters, content marketers, bloggersFree 7-day trial with 5000 wordsFrom $99-$2800 for lifetime access, one payment
WordAIAI content spinnerContent writing, blogging, content marketing, advertising3-day trial$9-$27/month. There is also a custom Enterprise package.Psst! Read my review here.
WordtuneAI writing generator softwareContent writing, blogging, content marketing, advertisingFree trial and planFree to $24.99/month. There is also a premium package you will need to contact Wordtune for.
WritecreamAI content and image generation toolMarketers, social media, bloggingFree trial and planFree to $69/month
WriterAI-powered writing softwareContent writing, blogging, content marketing, advertisingFree 14-day trial$18/user/month or $162/user/year
WriterlyAI content creation toolContent marketers, bloggers, advertisers, influencers, business teams and analysts$59/month to $219/month, can pay monthly or yearly
WriteroAI writing and image creation softwareBloggers, artists, content marketers, graphic designUnknownUnknownYou need to log in to see the pricing details
WriteseedAI writing toolContent writing, blogging, content marketing, advertising7-day free trial$16/month
Writesonicadvanced AI writing toolWriters, bloggers content marketersFree trial with 10000 words$12.67-$666/month, pending on output
WritierAI content writer, AI story writerWriters, bloggers content marketersFree trial and free plan.Free to $29/month
WrytrWriting challenge appShort content (250 max word reply)Yes
YaaraAI content generation toolContent marketers, bloggers, advertisers, influencers7 day free trial$7.99-$500/month, depending on word count. There is also customized pricing in the advanced package.
ZimmWriterAI article writing toolContent writing, blogging, article writing, content marketingNo free trial or plan.$5.97-$29.97/month. There is also an option of paying a one time $497 fee.
Big, isn’t it?

You made it all the way through, congratulations!

This is just a list of what I know is out there. Pin it! And it will probably keep growing…and growing…and growing…

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