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Dani’s Deep Dive: 7taps Review

Last updated on April 12th, 2023 at 11:07 pm

Looking for the definitive 7taps review? Here it is!

What is 7taps?

7taps is an AI microlearning platform that creates online courses to helps people learn new skills quickly and easily. It uses a combination of interactive videos, quizzes, and personalized feedback to ensure users can master the material at their own pace. With 7taps, users can also track their progress over time to see how far they’ve come with their course material!

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Signing Up for 7taps

Signing up for 7taps is easy peasy. However, You do need a business email, as opposed to a personal email. 

7taps Interface

Getting Started with 7taps is simple. The interface is about as simple as it gets. 

In addition, on your first login, you will see a video on the right side of the panel giving you a 2 minute tutorial. 

The tutorial video was short, but sweet. Basically, what all you can do with 7taps. 

How To Create a New Online Course

Creating a new course is ver easy to do, you start by clicking on CREATE A COURSE.

After clicking, you will get this pop up window: 


NOTE: When you get to the design interface, you may get this message telling you to zoom out. It wouldn’t be so bad but it blocks the buttons on the right side of the interface. 

Anyway, here’s what the working interface looks like. 

  1. Screen. 
  2. Add logo or add text.
  3. Where you can preview your course, edit theme, stats, reset course or duplicate course (in the three dots) dhare the course and your account settings. 
  4. The editing platform. Here you can add the following:
    1. Card
    2. Quiz
    3. Audio
    4. Video
    5. Link
    6. Form
    7. Poll

Before I forget, the HELP button is at the bottom right of the screen. 

Let’s make a course! 

To start off, all you need to do is either insert a logo or text in the first screen, as seen below: 

When you are finished, go up to the CHAPTERS link, click on it and click on ADD NEW CHAPTER. 

Adding a Card

The buttons below the card are as follows from left to right: 

  • Hide Title
  • Hide Text
  • Add Image
  • Move card left
  • Move card right
  • Duplicate
  • Trash

Adding a Quiz

You can input your question and add up to 4 options.  

From left to right, the buttons are as follows: 

  • Settings – as seen below. You can have multiple correct answers or just one. 
  • Image
  • Move card left
  • Move card right
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Adding Audio

In addition, you can add audio as well. 

NOTE: There is a maximum of 60 seconds for the clip and the file must be either a MP3 or M4A. 

Closed captioning is also included. 

Adding Video

Now let’s go to video: 

The AI text to video is super cool. Here, you can input your desired text, choose your avatar and language (52 languages supported, including many dialects of English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish) and there you go. 

Unfortunately, as stated above, you can only have a maximum of 5 AI videos per course.

Adding a link, a form, and/or a poll is rather simple too. As with the other cards, you can add images (except for the link) duplicate or delete. 

NOTE: You cannot change the poll type later. 

NOTE: When ready to share, make sure all the cards are complete as incomplete cards won’t be visible to the learners. 

When you are done, you can add chapters for each course topic, however you see fit.

Creating a Course With AI

So let’s try creating a course with AI.

All you need to do is insert the topic you want to talk about, and press CREATE MY COURSE. 7taps will automatically gather the information needed. 

A few seconds later and voila! An automatic course all ready to go. 

In addition, you can edit the slides as you see fit. Easy peasy. 

Once your course is all ready to go, you can share it.

You have 6 options in which to share your course: 

  • Link
  • QR
  • Email
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • Export  

7taps Pricing

7 taps has a 14-day free trial you can play around with. After that: 

Free Plan: (Woo-hoo!) 

Pro: $99/month, $84/month if paid annually. 

Enterprise Plan: Contact them. 

What I like about 7taps

The AI generated course. 

What I Don’t Like About 7taps

Not a lot of variety with the design, and there are no design templates to use. It’s rather utilitarian. 


Is 7 taps free?

7taps has a 14-day free trial and a free plan. 

There is also the Pro package at $99/month and an Enterprise package in which you will need to contact them. 

Who owns 7taps?

Kate Udalova

What is Microlearning method?

A microlearning method is an instructional method that involves breaking down a subject into smaller, more easily digestible chunks of information. 

It is designed to help learners focus on one concept at a time while providing quick feedback and reinforcement. This method can be used in various forms, such as short videos, podcasts, quizzes, interactive activities and more.

What is a Microlearning platform?

A microlearning platform is a software application or online service that enables organizations to create and deliver digital learning experiences in the form of small, bite-sized pieces of content. 

These platforms typically provide tools for creating, managing, delivering, and tracking microlearning materials such as videos, quizzes, interactive activities and more.

Do I recommend 7taps?

Yes. In spite of the lack of design, its simple, clean interface allows you to create your online courses without a lot of clutter. In addition, the AI creation is so quick and smooth. 

All in all, an easy way to create course materials and share your knowledge with your students.


7taps is an AI course creation tool that is simple to use, but lacking a bit in the design department. It is a good choice for online courses and organizations looking to get started with microlearning courses and online training quickly.

Your online course content can contain text and video lessons, even images and GIFs!

Although I see room for improvement, 7taps is a great AI course creation tool for those looking to quickly create and deliver microlearning materials. Its simple interface, clean design, and the ability to track user progress make it an ideal solution for any organization or business.

Plus, 7taps pricing plans are reasonable enough so you can create as much content as you need without breaking the bank.

Does 7taps appeal to you? Sign up now!

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