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Video Marketing Statistics for 2023

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 01:39 am

Once upon December dreary, I created, weak and weary, 

For content that titillates the reader forever more.

Waiting for that inspiration, dripping with perspiration,

Suddenly there came a murmur, 

Someone gently speaking, speaking to my frazzled mind. 

“Listen to me,” the voice muttered to my frazzled mind–

“Listen to me…video.”

Ah, distinctly I remember in that bleak December, 

While planning content strategy wrought my sanity from my soul. 

Eagerly I wished for a finish, to finish this blasted text. 

From my text I yearned to end–end to appease the editor. 

For the rare and radiant praise the angel named Editor. 

There it is again! “Video.”

And the weary, red eyes of my person peering as I searched

Thrilled me—filled me with happiness I never felt before.

So that now, 18 hours a week, video is consumed, I stood repeating

86% of business use video, video as part of content strategy,

Video is growing, the #1 form of media for content strategy

Video, and nothing more.” 

Presently my heart grew lighter, hesitating no such longer, 

“Sir, Madam, your helpfulness I implore, 

The fact that YouTube is the second most popular site on the web, 

That short-form videos under one minute hath engagement rate

Of 53.9%–those facts you whisper, whisper in my ear so sore,

That lovely percentage of those who buy a product after watching 

A brand’s video–the lovely percentage— of eighty-four.” 

Deep into the facts I dig, long I sat there, wondering, head spinning, 

Doubting over what I thought was a bulletproof content arsenal. 

The silence was broken, 2 billion YouTube users strong   

And the only word that was spoken was the whispered word, “Video?”

This I whispered, and the throng yelled back the word, “VIDEO!”

This, merely this and nothing more.

Back to my computer turning, my brains and eyes a-burning, 

More than half a billion people watch Facebook vids per day? 

“Surely,” said I, “Surely there is room for my content strategy for video,

81% of businesses cannot be wrong, and this topic I explore— 

Let my heart be still a moment while I gather more facts, 

Just the facts and nothing more!” 

Short videos are popular, 69% watch to learn about products or services,

And twice as likely to be shared, a video compared to text. I beseech! 

Over three billion people consumed video on 92% audience reach

Perched upon my browser, just above the stats galore,

A new term–Social Commerce–my jaw hit the floor.

Then this term, beguiling my curiosity into smiling

By this marriage of social media and eCommerce galore,

Though thy shopping be completed through social apps, sure no fad,

No ghastly fellow customers wandering from parts unknown—

Tell me what worth is Social Commerce expected to be by 2026

Quoth the stats: “Two point six trillion dollars!”

Courtesy of Shopify

Much I marveled these stats read to me so plainly,

Though its answer major meaning—videos start making;

For we cannot deny the younger generation consuming,

Ages 18-34 – 105 minutes online watching videos weekly,

YouTube’s biggest audience perched upon the content door—

Young men and women yearning, crying for content more,

Quote the mob: “Always more!”

But I, sitting lonely at my desk, hesitated upon the word “more,”

That one word, as if my soul began to outpour.

Nothing more I pathetically uttered, trying to find rhymes for “more,”

Till the penny dropped and I muttered “Other content tactics have worked before—

On the morrow I will start, start making video of lore

The rise of video—forever more!” 

(Credit and apologies to Edgar Allan Poe.)

As much as implementing an Edgar Allen Poe classic into a content marketing strategy could work, (if it was pertaining to gothic or Halloween-types products) as you have read, it can be hit or miss. In this case, a probable swing and a miss. 

The facts cannot be denied: video marketing is on the rise and there is no getting off the rocket any time soon. 

Want something a little more appealing? As the door (that infernal door) forever closes on 2022 here are 17 more reasons you should implement video marketing in your content strategy, forever more. 


Key takeaways from the infographic:

  • Video is the #1 form of media used in content strategy, growing more and more.
  • Posts that have videos can have organic search traffic increased by 157%
  • Optimized videos are 52 times more likely to make Google’s page 1 than a blog post.
  • Videos can increase consumer time on your site by 105%


That was one heckuva ride, wasn’t it? Video marketing statistics crammed into a severely botched parody of an American classic followed by an infographic with no mention of Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, or anything of the sort. 

Despite all this clustermess, there is only one certainty: video marketing is here to stay. Its infernal rapping on the content door can give you multiple times the views and engagements either with an article or by itself, among many, many things. 

We’re also dealing with an audience that consumes more and more. According to Earthweb, 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched every day.   

So as you ponder, with these stats galore, 

The video monster grows each day, more and more. 

Its rapping, slowly tapping on your office door—

Low-pitched whispers to be part of your content yore

You may fight it, or find it a bore. 

But deep, deep down, in your center core, 

You just may think: “Possibly?

Maybe, just maybe, make video as part 

Of my content lore?” 

As the noise from my headphones grows more,

From my tutorial on how to make gore.

The answer is upon me, forever more. 

(No ravens were harmed in the writing of this article. Edgar Allan Poe’s soul, on the other hand…)


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