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8 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for 2023

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 01:42 am

Check out the best Jasper AI alternatives below!

Jasper AI is amazing, we cannot quibble about that. It can generate content with just a few clicks of a mouse and in a very short time.

It’s relatively new in the AI writing industry and has already served thousands upon thousands of customers all over the world. Jasper’s AI tools and writing algorithm can produce unique content in any tone that you desire for just about anything you need, from a single blog post to bulk content creation.

Jasper does have its limitations: (this is all in the Starter plan, mind you)

  • No NLP (natural language processing.)
  • You can’t create long-form content using the Starter plan.
  • No SEO mode.
  • No plagiarism checker access.

How to fix this? Buy the more expensive plan, of course. ?

If you are looking for AI writing tools that would be great Jasper AI alternatives, look no further. Let’s jump right into it.

Jasper AI Alternative — Solutions for 2023


Anyword is an AI writer that focuses on sales and conversions. Their predictive AI allows you to create flawless advertising copy and provides you with an idea of how it will convert before you publish it.

Anyword’s AI allows you to create landing pages and blog posts, email subject lines, marketing copy, and many other things. You can publish the best content by combining optimization and content creation in one copy.

Image courtesy of Anyword.

You can also create customer personas and use these personas for a tailored copy that will appeal to the same audience. This tool can be used to create Facebook Ads and Google Ads as well as LinkedIn Posts, Email Marketing, Instagram captions, and LinkedIn Posts.


  •  Instagram Caption Generator
  •  Meta Description Generator
  •  Sentence Rewriter
  •  Free Social Post Generator
  •  Create Long-Form Blog Posts
  •  Write Amazon Product Descriptions
  •  Available in 30 languages
  •  Email Copywriting For Cold Outreach


FREEBIE ALERT! There’s a free plan that gives you 1,000 word credits each month.

Basic plans cost $29/mo, or $24/month if paid annually. It also gives you 20k word credits per month.

The Data-driven plans cost $99/mo, $83/mo if paid annually, and gives you 30k word credit/month. 


ClosersCopy is a great AI copywriting platform for those who don’t know how to write advertising copy. This software is a great alternative to Jasper AI as you can create high quality copywriting output practically in the snap of a finger.

ClosersCopy uses GPT-3 neural networks and there is also a cool editor that allows you to drag and drop. Perfect for semi-lazy bastards like myself.

To create seamless copies, you can select any template from the templates library. It also offers guidance and over 1000 word lookups. It is the ideal tool for anyone in sales or advertising.

Image courtesy of Closers Copy.


  • More than 300 plug-and-play marketing frameworks
  • Artificial intelligence for writing sales letters and blog posts
  • Step-by-step wizard for content creation
  • 127+ languages supported
  • Templates, templates, templates!


Closers Copy has three pricing options.

The Power plan is $49.99/month or $34.99/month annually.

The professional plan is $79.99/month, $55.99/month annually.

Unlimited plans cost $99.99/month, $69.99/month annually.

Above is paid monthly.

This is if you pay yearly.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a great Jasper AI alternative that uses GPT-3 neural net to create content in a matter of seconds. In addition, you can also create sales copy, digital ad copies, eCommerce product descriptions, write blog posts, and social media posts as well as website copies.

How to do it is very simple: select a type of copy and describe the product. You can then get up to ten results and edit them to your satisfaction. You can also get a free account and access to more than 90 tools.


  • The interface is simple to use
  • Create various copywriting formats
  • Chrome Extension
  • Get customized copies
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • High-quality sales copies


Image courtesy of Copy AI.

CopyAI offers three pricing options.


The free plan is completely free and provides ten credits per month. It also supports more than 25 languages and has 90+ copywriting tools.

The pro plan is $49/month or $36/month per year. It offers unlimited credit access and premium support.

You will need to contact their sales team to get a quote for a custom-made plan. They will customize a plan that meets your needs.


CopySmith can generate amazing sales copy for your business. Jasmin Wang developed this tool and launched it October 2020 in order to assist other business owners in creating content for their businesses.

CopySmith uses GPT-3 to create content for social media and ads, blogs, product descriptions, and other purposes. There are buttloads of templates available to help you start your content creation.

In addition, CopySmith can also set up the tone and structure of the content it will produce, giving your text the personality it needs to reach your audience.


  • Get over writer’s block to create original content
  • Create outlines for your blog posts, intros, and the entire post.
  • Advert writer allows you to create ad copy
  • Write product descriptions seamlessly
  • It follows the natural writing style with continuation between points
  • Get FAQ ideas and create YouTube video descriptions
  • Ideas for Google Ads creation


CopySmith has three pricing options.

The starter plan is $19/mo, or $190/year.

The professional plan is $59/mo, or $590/year.

Contact them to get a quote for the Enterprise plan. You can also get a free 7-day trial without requiring a credit card.

Image courtesy of Copysmith.


Rytr, is a great AI writing tool and content generator. You can write faster and overcome writer’s block quickly. Rytr is already used by over 800K content managers and entrepreneurs to save hours on manual content writing.

 It is easy to understand how it works. Rytr has a rich text editor that helps you to write long form articles and format your masterpieces. This tool helps you to create great short form content, long form content, and manage your writing workflow.


  • 30+ use cases and templates
  • 30+ languages supported
  • More than 20 tones and emotions supported
  • Uses AIDA and PAS scientific writing formulas
  • Style Editor
  • The interface is simple to use
  • Access to premium communities
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Unlimited words if you buy the Unlimited plan.


Rytr has three pricing options.


You get 10,000 characters each month with the free plan.

The saver plan costs $9/mo, $90/year, and provides 100,000 characters per month.

Unlimited plans start at $29/mo, $290/year, and give unlimited characters.

Image courtesy of Rytr.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is a great AI writing assistant if you are looking to quickly create long-form blog posts. Shortly AI also makes it easy to create short-form or long-form content using the GPT-3 neural network. Shortly AI can write more than 500 billion words.

The interface of Shortly AI is easy to use and understand. You can simply go to the text editor and enter some instructions to Shortly AI to create long-form content. Easy peasy.

Key Features

  • AIDA Framework helps you to create higher-quality content
  • How to use Shortly AI in a video tutorial
  • Questions and Answers templates
  • Create content outlines and article briefs
  • In a matter of seconds, create product descriptions
  • You will find all the tools in the sidebar
  • Write commands to manage what you write
  • Make unique book titles, videos, descriptions, and poems


Shortly AI has only two pricing options. Monthly plans cost $79/month and allow you to create as much content as your heart desires. The annual plan is $65/mo and is billed annually. You can also get a limited-time free trial of the tool.

Image courtesy of Shortly AI.

Smart Copy (Formerly Snazzy AI)

Snazzy AI’s name has been changed to Unbounce Smart Copy in order to reflect the acquisition of Snazzy AI by Unbounce in 2021. Smart Copy is able to create content for any brand. Unbounce purchased Snazzy to allow its users to create landing pages and optimize their marketing campaigns.

You can choose from a variety of templates to create product descriptions, landing pages, Google ads, and taglines. You can also get this tool for free with no time restrictions. It also doesn’t require your credit card information. Smart Copy allows you to create unique landing pages in just three clicks.

In addition, their unlimited plan is that: unlimited. Unlimited AI writing, unlimited AI words, unlimited projects…you getting sick of the word “unlimited” yet?

Image courtesy of Smart Copy.


  • GPT-3 allows you to create human-like content
  • A wide selection of templates is available
  • You can also choose to mix
  • Content extender
  • 45 templates
  • 30+ languages supported
  • Chrome Extension Access


Smart Copy offers a straightforward pricing model in two options.

Uh oh…you hear that?


Indeed! The free plan is completely free and provides 1 project per month.

Oh yeah, and a couple of other paid plans. /s

Essential Plan– $8 per month

Unlimited Plan – $40 per month


With AI writing software Writesonic, a unique AI-generated content copy can be created in a matter of seconds. Writesonic’s AI can create high-quality content as if it were written by a human. You don’t need to worry about creating content for your language; this tool supports more than 18 languages.

This AI assistant will help you create landing pages and long-form blog content, Facebook ads, Google Ads product descriptions, emails, and other high-quality articles in just a few seconds.

The pre-trained algorithm is used to create unique content. You simply need to choose a template and enter a description of your product. Then click the generate button to launch your content.

Key Features:

  • Get access to a free account and ten credits
  • Built-in Grammar fixer
  • Content expander and rephraser
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Text editor for writing and editing content
  • SEO optimized content
  • With just a few clicks, you can create content for a topic
  • Templates for landing page templates
  • The formula for PAS and AIDA copywriting to improve conversions


Image courtesy of WriteSonic.

Writesonic has a free trial and 5 plans depending on your monthly output.

  • 47,500-187,500 words – $12.67/month
  • 187,501-400,000-$66/month
  • 400,001-875,000-$132.67/month
  • 875,001-2,250,000- $332.67/month
  • 2,250,001-5,000,000- $666/month

There is also a custom plan for you extremely…wordy writers and content creators.


Each of these Jasper AI alternatives can help you create unique and high-quality content quickly and efficiently. (Not to mention possibly saving you a chunk of change.) Whether you desire a blog post or need to write long-form content, any of these content optimization tools can do the job for you.

Simply decide which best Jasper AI alternative is best for your writing needs, and get started. With a few clicks, you can have SEO-friendly content including quality articles, product descriptions, and landing pages in no time! Good luck!  ?

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