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Best AI Novel Writing Software

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 04:34 am

It’s 2023 and you have a choice: to write your novel the old-fashioned way, or use AI software to help you. While the debate on whether AI will take over writing is still up for discussion, there are a number of AI novel writing software options out there that can help writers of all skill levels.

In this article, we’ll compare Jasper, Growthbar, Writesonic, Dabble, Scrivener, and Shortly AI to see which one comes out on top!

The 8 AI Writing Software to Try for 2022


Jasper is a great option for writers who want to get the most out of their writing time. The software provides a wide range of features to help you plan, write, and edit your novel. And if you need a break from the novel, you can also use it to write blog posts, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and my favorite, creative story.

Just for s’s and g’s I’ll demonstrate the Creative Stories.

Helluva plot, eh? Here’s what the AI gods came up with for my story:

  1. Mario wasn’t about to let those creatures run amok, so he jumped into action. He fought his way through the horde of enemies, using his Super Jump Punch and Fireballs to take them down. Eventually, he cleared the area and saved the day!
  2. “Oh no!” Jane said. “I have to stop them!” She started running after the Koopas and Goombas, dodging their attacks as she went. Eventually, she caught up to them and jumped on their heads, defeating them all. The land was saved!
  3. Fortunately, she had grown up playing Super Mario Brothers on her Nintendo, so she knew how to handle herself. She jumped on top of the Koopas and smashed them with her fist, then Ground Pounded the Goombas until they were nothing but smears on the ground. With the villains defeated, peace was restored to the forest once again. Thanks, Mario!

Ok, War and Peace they’re not, but at least it can give you an idea of what to do in case you have a creative block.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper’s pricing is rather reasonable given all it has to offer. The Starter plan is only $29 per month, which has unlimited users and a limit of 20,000 words per month.

It also offers 50+ content-type templates to help you get started. The plan adjusts to your demands, so if you produce more words, you’ll just have to pay a little extra per tier. This plan is ideal for copywriters and promoters. This plan does not work for long-form writing, such as novels or blogs.

Boss Mode: this is my big game plan. Starting at $59 per month for up to 50,000 words, this strong service gives you access to Jasper Command, which allows you to command Jasper to produce any text you desire.


  • Content Improver
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Instagram photo posts
  • SEO optimization
  • Integration with Surfer SEO


Jasper’s pricing is very reasonable considering all that it has to offer.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • The NLP (natural language processing) is getting better and better.
  • Many functions and templates, those sweet, sweet templates–content writing, Google Ads, Quora Answers, Facebook ads, blog post outlining, etc.
  • Your content is auto-saved.
  • The integration with Surfer SEO provides a monster boost in optimizing your content.


  • Irrelevant suggestions
  • Not completely AI-automated — the content generator only gives so much and you will need to fill in the rest.
Try Jasper Now!


Growthbar is another excellent AI writing software that can help you write better novels faster. The software includes a variety of tools to help you brainstorm, organize, and develop your ideas.

This program helps you with the planning and writing of your book, not only giving feedback on it and offering ideas for how to improve it, but also featuring a built-in thesaurus. Using AI, you may perform keyword research, generate ideas, create outlines, and write full-length blog posts quickly while still following SEO best practices so that you can get high in the SERPs.


  • AI Content Outlines
  • Unlimited AI Blog Ideas
  • AI Paragraph Generations
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Track Keywords Across Sites
  • Competitor Keywords Per Query
  • Competitor Backlinks Per Query
  • Competitor Google Ads Per Query
  • Unlimited Chrome Extension Use
  • Writing Marketplace Full Access
  • Email Support


Growthbar has 3 pricing tiers; the Standard starts at $29 per month, the Pro at $79 per month and Agency at $199 per month.

Pros and Cons


  • An intuitive interface.
  • Provides the exact information needed to make SEO-based decisions.
  • Chrome plugin useful in competitor analysis.
  • Excellent content generation titles and outlines.  


  • The backlink research feature does not offer much in-depth information on competition.
  • Customer service can be slow to respond.
  • The site inspector feature is too basic compared to other SEO tools.


With just a few clicks, Writesonic’s AI-powered content production technology can generate high-quality website text and marketing copy. It may also be used to create full-size blog entries as well as social media posts, press releases, and marketing copy. You can also use it to produce hundreds of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad variations.


  • Supports 25 languages
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant
  • SEMrush integration


Pros and Cons


  • Quick and effective content creation
  • Powerful blog post generator
  • Very generous free trial


  • You need to correct simple grammatical mistakes–it’s not totally automatic.
  • A credit is used for each time a copy is generated, in spite of it being the second, third, or even fourth time.


Dabble is a cloud-based writing program that lets you manage your project from start to finish. Dabble, intriguingly, offers many features comparable to Scrivener, allowing you to structure scenes, characters, plot lines, and notes. It has a sticky note feature (like Scrivener’s Corkboard) as well.

In addition, Dabble lets you build a cohesive and enjoyable story line with a word tracker, so if you are engaging in a project such as something for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) you will know for sure if you are meeting guidelines.

Dabble can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple devices


  • Unlimited manuscripts.
  • Cloud backup and sync.
  • Access on any device.
  • Goals and stats.
  • Manuscript Organization.
  • Spell check.
  • Text highlighting.
  • Email support.


Dabble has 3 pricing tiers, also has prices if paying monthly or annually.

If paying monthly:  

  1. Basic: $10 per month
  2. Standard: $15 per month
  3. Premium: $20 per month

If paying annually:

  1. Basic: $8 per month
  2. Standard: $12 per month
  3. Premium: $16 per month

Pros and Cons

  • Has a daily writing goal widget for those times you need motivation.
  • A 14-day free trial with no credit card required.
  • Excellent organization, can find all your projects when needed.


  • Not as many features as Jasper or other writing software.


Scrivener is the most popular writer’s helper software on the market. It simply downloads for a one-time fee (no continuing cost) and organizes all of your research, writing, notes, and citations in one place, allowing you to build your outline and manuscript with ease.

Scrivener has a large number of positive reviews from writers who swear by the program’s capacity to manage a writing project from start to finish. We strongly suggest that you watch the training films to learn about them and optimize your results because it provides so many options.


The most appealing aspect of Scrivener is that it allows you to break your long-form material down as many times as you like. Each scene may be written in a separate document, or entire chapters can be created at once. Scrivener keeps track of each piece and puts them in any order you desire. It supports a wide range of file types, including word (.docx), PDF, video (mov), picture (jpg), web page (html).

In addition, Scrivener has: 

  • A really cool index-card-style Corkboard that allows you to plot and track, but it automatically reflects scene shuffling, chapters, plots, etc. when you’re ready. 
  • Templates for character, location, and scene setups.


Scrivener offers pricing based on a one-time charge, but there are two tiers: standard and educational.

Standard licenses are $49 for Mac and Windows and $19.99 for iOS. Educational licenses are $41.65 for Mac and Windows. No Educational license for iOS. 

Pros and Cons


  • The compiling feature easily and quickly formats your manuscript for publishing.
  • 30-day free trial


  • The formatting options can be hard to fine-tune. Needs more tutorials of the formatting.
  • Major upgrades are not free.
  • There are differences between the versions for Windows and MacOS as the production pipeline syncing isn’t quite up to speed.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is a writing partner for writers who suffer from writer’s block and prevent them from creating the best material possible using avant-garde artificial intelligence technology.

The AI system in question, OpenAI’s GPT-3, is the same as Jasper AI. GPT-3 is a sophisticated neural network language model that has been trained on half a trillion words to produce like humans.

Shortly AI, like Jasper, is another fantastic tool that makes use of this sophisticated ability to create engaging content. The software includes a “write for me” option that allows you to create grammatically correct statements in minutes using the data supplied. You may also utilize the command mode (similar to command Jasper) to tell the AI to produce exactly what you want.


  • GPT-3
  • Writing commands
  • Video tutorials


Shortly AI’s pricing starts at $65 a month if you pay annually, and $79 a month if paid monthly.

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use.
  • Simple, powerful interface.
  • Unlimited words credit regardless of package.
  • Speedy!
  • Commands for making your writing tasks easier.


  • Not much for integrations.
  • Limited features.
  • No live customer support or service.
  • Services are offered in English only.


ClosersCopy is a relatively new entrant to the AI novel writing software market, and its popularity has risen as a result of active social media marketing. The software is still in its infancy, but it appears to be very promising because it employs its own artificial intelligence algorithms rather than OpenAI/GPT-3 like Jasper and ShortlyAI do.

ClosersCopy has 3 primary modules for AI writing: SalesAI, StoryAI, and BlogAI. The StoryAI is the the one for novel writing due to the fact it can create stories.


  • SEO Audit 
  • SEO Planner 
  • Longform assisstant
  • Workflows 
  • Email Support
  • Access to a robust community with 11000+ members


ClosersCopy pricing comes in three tiers and depends on whether you choose to pay annually or yearly. If you choose to pay monthly, the Power package is at $49.99 per month while the most expensive, the Superpower Squad, is at $99.99 per month.

Pros and Cons


  • Templates
  • A drag-and-drop builder
  • GPT-3
  • One-click copy analysis
  • Ease of use
  • Very affordable


  • The AI is not perfect, you will need to add more by yourself, similar to Jasper
  • The output can be a bit more.


Frase AI is a novel text production tool that creates high-quality, natural language content. It’s intended for marketing and SEO content writing, and it’s been around since 2016. While the majority of their software is designed for copywriting and SEO, with comprehensive content reports included, the Frase AI writer tool within their SEO Add-on may provide fantastic content.

Users of this premium online service may expect “professionally written content for various industries or verticals” thanks to “a combination of machine learning technologies such as deep learning neural networks (multi-layered perceptions), which mimic human thought processes.”


  • Content Brief
  • Content Writing
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Analytics
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Multi-Language
  • Reporting & Statistics


Frase pricing comes in three tiers: Basic, Team and Enterprise. While the Basic starts at $44.99 per month and the Team package is at $114.99 per month, you will need to contact Frase if you want the Enterprise plan.

Pros and Cons


  • Improves SEO friendly content.
  • Provides quality informational briefs in seconds.
  • Content creation is easy and speedy.
  • Excellent outline builder.


  • SEO add-on comes at an extra cost.
  • No NLP.
  • Limits on the number of sites you can attach the analytics to.

Hey! I put together a deep dive of Frase, check it out here!

AI Novel Writing Software FAQs

What is AI writing tools?

An AI (artificial intelligence) writing tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to write content for you. You can give it a topic or some keywords and AI will write the content.

Can an AI write a novel?

Yes, an AI can write a novel, but it would be very difficult to distinguish from a human-written novel. In fact, some people argue that we’ve already passed the point where it’s possible to tell the difference.

There are several programs that can already generate quite realistic-sounding text. For example, the Scrivener software has a built-in function called “Natural Language Writing” that uses artificial intelligence to help you write your novel. It analyses your prose and makes suggestions for improvement, including ways to make your writing sound more natural and flowing.

Which software is best for writing a novel?

There is no one “best” software for writing a novel. Some authors prefer to write their first drafts longhand in notebooks, then type them into a computer later. Others start with a basic word processor like Microsoft Word and add features like footnotes and track changes as they go. Some people use specialized software like Scrivener or Jasper that help with tasks like outlining and managing different parts of the writing process.

The most important thing is to find something that works for you and stick with it. Experiment until you find a program or methods that make writing your novel easier, not more difficult.

Can AI replace writers?

There is no doubt that AI will eventually replace certain jobs that are currently done by human writers, such as rewriting or paraphrasing existing content. However, AI will never be able to create truly original content on its own, and this is something that human writers will always be able to do.

Can AI take over content writing?

There is no simple answer to this question. On the one hand, artificial intelligence has the potential to replicate human writing styles and produce content that is virtually indistinguishable from that which is written by humans. On the other hand, AI has limitations in terms of its ability to generate truly original content or to understand the nuance and complexity of human discourse.

Ultimately, it is likely that AI will be most successful in replacing certain types of writing tasks – for example, content that is repetitive or formulaic in nature – while human writers will continue to be needed for more complex and creative writing assignments.

Will creative writing be automated?

No, creative writing will not be automated. While there are certain mechanical aspects to writing, such as grammar and syntax, creativity cannot be programmed. 

The success of any form of writing depends on its ability to engage the reader on an emotional level. This is something that robots and artificial intelligence simply cannot do. Even the best algorithms would struggle to replicate the human capacity for empathy, imagination, and intuition. 

Creative writers are able to connect with their readers in a way that no machine can. They understand the human condition and can tap into universal themes and experiences. This is what makes their work resonant and relatable. 

Can AI write better than humans?

Yes, AI can write better than humans. In some cases, AI has been able to produce content that is more accurate and engaging than content created by humans.

There are a few reasons why AI can write better than humans. Firstly, AI can process large amounts of data much faster than a human can. This allows AI to analyze data more thoroughly and identify trends that a human would likely miss. Secondly, AI is not biased by personal opinions or emotions, which can often distort the writing of a human author. Finally, AI can be programmed to learn and adapt based on feedback, which enables it to continually improve its writing skills over time.

Wrapping it All Up

So, what’s the best AI novel writing software for your business? It depends on your needs and preferences.

Do you need a program that can help with outlining, editing, and grammar? Or are you looking for a more comprehensive platform that offers those services plus market research, plotting tools, and more?

No matter what type of writer you are or what stage of the writing process you’re in, there’s an AI tool out there to help make your novel-writing dreams a reality.

We hope this article has helped you figure out which one is right for you. What type of AI software do you use when writing novels? Let us know in the comments below!

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